The finest quality, American Made trolling spoons and spinner blades available. If you are trolling for walleye, throwing spinnerbaits for bass, or spooning for salmon, Peerless Predator Spoons and Blades just plain catch fish! 100% American made and irresistable to fish of all species! Predator's unique honeycomb design sends out flashes and vibrations like no other spoon or blade on the market, and the wide variety of sizes and metals to choose from cater to any fishing style or water condition.

Our spinner blades include willow and Colorado blades in smooth and honeycomb designs, and come in a variety of sizes to accomodate everything from deep water trolling to finesse shore fishing. Fish can't help themselves - they HAVE to bite these sexy spinners! Predator's blades are high quality stainless steel and plated with copper, gold, black nickel or silver to ensure lasting color and durability. Color won't fade, chip or peel away and rust certainly won't be a problem!

Peerless Predator spoons have uniquely designed shapes that make them slip and dance through the water like a wounded minnow. Slim, standard spoons or wide magnum styles match up to any fishing situation. Fill your livewell fast with these sleek spoons.

Peerless Predator spoons and blades are priced right, too. We make it easy to fill your tackle box with bulk amounts of a favorite, or stock a few of each size and color to accomodate for fishing styles and weather patterns. Either way, Peerless Predator puts fish on the end of your line!

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